Hi Comp. I am a little con


Hi Comp.

I am a little confused about something, andam not sure whether to ask this thread here, or on ‘advanced info.’

Am I correct that 1920 x 1080p is full HD spec, and that it is also 1K? Because the 1K refers to the number of horizontal lines?

So 5K would refer to a spec something like 9600 x 5400? And that would be ‘full frame’? Or does ‘full frame’ refer to something else?

Now since the EOS 5D Mk II nonetheless compresses the picture to store it on Compact Flash cards, how does that compare to a 1K live capture, say via HDMI or SDI out, to a video capture card like an AJA or an Intensity Pro? Since the HDMI out is not compressed, how do the two images technically compare in terms of vibrancy, color, contrast, and all that?

I watched the MacVideo vid again (twice) and I cannot tell anything negative about the picture from the EOS 5D Mk II. When I watch Henry Olonga’s work, I do see some jaggies when he first begins the capture, which he says happens because it takes Cineform NeoHD about two seconds to figure out what is happening; but then the jaggies disappear, and he also acknowledges the reason they make it into his samples on Vimeo is just due to sloppy editing (i.e., that he should cut them out).

I know the technology advances all the time (e.g., the EOS 5D Mk II and this thread), and so I want always to be improving my game. However, I think that until hologram technology comes out (which won’t be forever), probably the most I need to worry aboutwith my end product is mebbe a 72″ LCD home theatre system (or equivalent). I know they plan to raise the bar to 2K in 2015, and I am just imagining that it will get raised to 4K some time around 2020 (but that is a total guess). Basically I do not want to have to redo my stuff, but I don’t think home theatre is going to get much bigger than a six foot screen.

What are the technical advantages and disadvantages of 1K uncompressed versus 5K compressed? (I hesitate even to think about 5K uncompressed. Mind boggling.) And regardless of the advantages/disadvantages, am I going to get the quality I need for a 72″ LCD screen, so I don’t have to ‘re-do’ stuff every few years as they raise the bar?

As always, your experience and knowledge is appreciated.


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