Hi Comp. >>Also, it


Hi Comp.

>>Also, it couldn’t do progressive scan in favor of interlaced video. 1080i looks cool, but I am sick up and fed with editing interlaced video for DVD and the ‘Net.

It isa long story, but we got our camera gear back when 1080i was the thing. I have an HDR-FX1 for the main camera, with a JuicedLink CX-231 (or something) to clean up the audio inputs (because the FX1 is supposed to have a lot of hiss, unless one bypasses it). Then I plan to feed in with a Sony HDR-HC1 (so I don’t have to take my teleprompter setup apart).

What is the deal with 1080i? Why is it a hassle/pain? I bought the Cineform NeoScene codec converter, which is supposed to convert all footage to .avi.

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With Neo Scene you will convert your difficult-to-edit HDV or AVCHD camera footage to CineForm AVI files and then benefit from the same theatrical quality format and real-time editing performance as professionals.

I would love to upgrade to 1080p, but I just don’t have the money right now. What is the deal with 1080i, and do you suppose the Cineform codec will take care of the problem?

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