Hi Cloroxpurex – you may want


Hi Cloroxpurex – you may want to consider a modern camcorder with a relatively large 1" sensor (approximately 8 times larger than the traditional camcorder's 1/3" sensor), higher slow motion frame rates than 60p and more resolution than 1920x1080p.


At your price point, I recommend the Sony FDR-AX100.  You can pick one up used for about $1580.


Here is what this camera can do at 3840×2160 (UHD) – 4 times the resolution of HD: 









Here's what AX100 720/120p slow motion video looks like when conformed to a 24fps timeline (twice as slow as 60p):







This camera has its shortcomings – it has a 3.5mm mic input instead of the NX30's professional XLR inputs, for example.  But, in my view, instead of buying a two year old HD camera, you should seriously consider spending a little more to buy a new technology Ultra HD camcorder that will help you to insure against obsolescence.


Hope this is helpful!



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