Hi claudiobadr,


Hi claudiobadr,

     I'll answer your questions:

1.  Should I improve my equipment first or should I concentrate more on theoretical stuff?

You can create good video regardless of what equipment you use.  There is a growing list of feature films that were shot using smartphones.  That said, your tecnique is what is important.  Focus first on improving your skills.  You will eventually want to upgrade your equipment to compliment your mad video making skills, but cross that bridge when you get to it.

2.  Should I really go to school or look for someone's help?

This depends on what is available to you.  Film school can be relatively expensive.  I know a great many videographers that did not go to film school, myself included.  They, instead, worked with someone that has a lot of experience in media and learned from them.  Myself, I take every oportunity to learn new tecniques by reading, watching videos on YouTube, etc.  One good resource is Videomaker magazine.  Get a subscription.  It doesn't cost much, and there is a lot of good knowledge to be learned with each issue.  A good YouTube channel to subscribe to and watch is Film Riot.  Ryan Conolly, the host of said YouTube channel, has been to film school.  He's very creative.  He's funny, and his videos simultaneously teach and entertain.  Check it out.  Don't get me wrong.  Film school is a good thing.  If it is an option for you, take it.  But it is not 100% necessary in order to be successful.

3.  Should I keep going by learning through practice?

Duh!  Yes!  You can't become a master of anything you're not doing.  Any film teacher will tell you that even if you're not going to school to learn this industry, the best thing you can do to learn is just get out there and shoot.  Create something.  Take a step back from it and look at it.  Discover what could have been done better, and then do it better next time.  Repeat.

     I hope these tips help.  Good luck.

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