Hi Cindy, I don’t want to


Hi Cindy,

I don’t want to set you on the wrong path, but I’ve been told that the built-in Windows Movie Maker has acceptable tools for editing video. If you have a newer PC, it might already be installed on your system, as it comes standard with the new versions of Windows XP. Movie maker comes with a step by step guide in their help section.

If you go this route, you will have to, as Compusolver said, buy the Firewire cable (also called an "iLink" or "IEEE1394" cable) and you’ll need to have a Firewire port on your computer (they may look sort of like a USB cable, but they definitely are not the same thing!)

Again, I think compusolver gave you great advice when he said just pay a videographer to do it. It should cost you $100 or less for an hour, and maybe the others in te conference would be interested in chipping in to have the video professionally edited. Plus, Windows Movie Maker is a low-quality editing application, and while for a simple cut-n-paste job it would be adequate, a pro videographer will give you a lot better quality.

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