Hi Charles. Thank you for


Hi Charles.

Thank you for responding so soon. I apologize for all of the questions. It is just that I was eyeballing the Z800, and you blew that out of the water with your”no noticeable increase in performance” remark (and you may have just saved me thousands of dollars).

>>There is a lot of overhead involved in any dual-processor configuration, so you’ll never double your performance versus a single-processor configuration if you go to a dual-processor. However, this is the only time we’ve observed no noticeable increase in performance.

May I please ask, what istheaverageincrease in performance that you noticed on the otherdual processor configurations you have tested?

And is it possible/likely that thelack of increase in performance was specific toCS4? Orwould Sony Vegas likely also have yielded no noticeable increase in performance (even though it is optimized for the number of cores)?

Thank you. This was a very helpful review for me.


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