Hi Charles. >>I’m no


Hi Charles.

>>I’m not in a position to comment about dual-processor overhead. The last major machine I reviewed that was dual-processor was about 5 years ago; and at that time our reviews didn’t focus on performance as much as experience (that, and at the time, that machine was indisputably the fastest machine we’d seen to that date.) So it’s only recently that we would’ve shut off a processor to see how fast a machine really was.

I do not mean to beat a dead horse here, but I need to know the answer to this one, because I have been considering a Z800 for my next machine (which is why your review set my head spinning).

Here is my letter to HP:


I am considering the Z800 for my next upgrade. However, in their article Number 14391, Videomaker Magazine records that there was no change in their benchmark speed (using Adobe CS4) when the second processor was shut off in the BIOS. Based on this, they conclude that there is no advantage to having a second processor in the HP Z lineup.

I have been considering the Z800 for possible future purchase (because Avid supports the HP line), and I need to know what the deal is.

Can you please let me know why bench test performance under Adobe CS4 would not be significantly decreased when the second processor was shut off in the BIOS?

Thank you,


I imagine their sales department will get back to me in a few days, and I will try to post their comments here. Just as a heads-up, I also would not be surprised if they contact you.

Thank you,


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