Hi Caloon – yes, it is


Hi Caloon – yes, it is possible to get a high quality 4K camera for $1500 – but not from Canon.


With a $1500 budget, I recommend a 4K, $1299.99 Samsung NX1 with a $195.95 18-35mm lens.


Here is what this camera can do:







This camera has 4 times the resolution of any Canon camera below the $7999 Canon 1D C, and records at up to 1080/120fps for smooth slow motion, as seen here:











It's a great still camera too, with a 15fps continuous frame rate. Here's the still image quality you can get from this 28.2MP camera: Flickr Samsung NX1 Pool

The NX1 also has a new and more efficient type of video compression, h.265, which Power Director 13 Ultra editing software will read, but if you don't have PD13, you can use the free RockyMountains Movie Converter to transcode your footage to ProRes or h.264 in order to edit it (until the other software manufacturers catch up).

In my view, this is the best value-for-money camera you can buy below $2000.

Hope this is helpful and good luck with whatever camera you decide to buy!



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