Hi Bruce! Wow! You’re trip


Hi Bruce!

Wow! You’re trip to Hawaii sounds fantastic! My husband and I were in Hawaii last year (Hawaii, Oahu, and Kauai) but would love to explore the islands again by cruise ship too. What a great adventure for you and your wife!

Thank you for the great suggestions about the “goodie” bags. What a great idea! I do have some videos I’ve made with public domain clips I researched from historic archives. I like the idea about royalty-free stuff and demo programs too. I’m also a big fan of providing extra video resource links since I enjoy ongoing education and I’m such a library nerd.

Yes, I do have samples of my video work online! I am in the process of updating my old website (copy and graphic layout) but I do have many video clips from my different productions for you to enjoy.

My website address is: http://www.Starpro.org (Starlight Video Productions)

From the home page you can click on the “Profile! Magazine” tab and see a listing of all my shows with video links. The closest I have right now to a “demo tape” is at the top of my “FAQ” page where you can see highlights of my work. I’m a big, big fan of early film history so it’s no surprise I have these video clips at the top of the pages.

I noticed how you have the name of your video company and website address on your signature line. I’ll have to do this too. And check out your website and other videographer websites on this forum. I truly enjoy looking at all the video productions. There is so much talent here and I enjoy seeing all the projects everyone is working on.

Tara πŸ™‚

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