Hi Bruce. I still have tro


Hi Bruce. I still have trouble getting my messages to post, but will try again! First, thank for your input. Apologies, but I still have a couple of clarifications needed re your last post. 1. Your comment “Still assuming SATA 3G.” I think this is in reference to my internal HD, but as mentioned I have a Seagate 1TB 7200 rpm HD. I am not understanding this association.

2. Your comment “Even though you can get some contention if both externals are hooked up USB 2, it should not be an issue for you.” I don’t understand this comment.

I am sure it is difficult to relate easily with those of us who are not too savvy when it comes to computers. Your patience is appreciated….big time!

All other information; suggestions I understand and appreciate.

John…still trying and even learning a little each time. ha

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