Hi Brandon – I had this


Hi Brandon –

I had this same problem with my Sony HC40 but I finally figured out that it was those cheap eBay tapes that caused the problem. The knockoffs were cheap (about $1.50 each in quantities of 10) but they caused a $400 problem for me (I need new heads at some point). I am trying to put off the inevitable (I am actually hoping to save enough for a good 3ccd camera) by using a cleaning tape when the camera compains plus only using name brand tapes bought in a major store (I currently use TDK purchased in Costco for about $3 each).

Also, find a brand and stick with it. There are two types of tapes (as previouly mentioned) and it is not advisable to switch back and forth between them. As rule, pick one good (Sony, Maxell, TDK all come to mind) brand and use it exclusively.

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