Hi Boppi –One thing you


Hi Boppi –

One thing you neglected to specify is how much experience you have with a video camera.

I would not think it possible to start a business of your own without a certain degree of expertise in videography (or photography) and video editing. From your post it seems like you are a beginner and might want to think twice before jumping into the wedding/event video business (where word of mouth seems to be your best sales device).

I have been a photographer (sometimes professionally) for 46 years and videotaping family stuff for 25 years (stuff for work for about three), working with non-linear editors for about three years, have built a large collection of video, photo, music, titling and effect assets & programs, spent hundreds of hours viewing other peoples work, hundreds more reading and viewing training/tutorials, thousands (at this point) of hours reading and posting to message boards like this one and at this point, I still don’t have all the necessary skills to start my own video business (and be able to feed my family).

Maybe you should adjust your expectations and see what you can do to ramp up to the point where you can do this professionally.

Just my $0.02.

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