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I cant start to comprehend your technical needs. (I recently declined to be a consultant/video system designer for a Church re a simple setup because of my paucity of technical knowhow on the specifics; not to mention didnt help that they were unwilling to render to Caesar what was Caesars! }:-@ }:-) }:-@ ) Anyway, in the unlikely event you are not familiar with Edirol and their products, check out edirol.com. Their major marketing niche seems to be midrange video systems for Church organizations (e.g., state of the art video mixers encompassing full range of todays input needs, with complete setups (I would estimate) in the $10K to $100K range). In the Portland OR area, I was once blown off by one of their dealers when they realized I was representing myself and not a Church. That dealer is no longer part of their network. Subsequently, I was visited at my Portland palace west by an Edirol salesperson, who did a good job of demo-ing their basic video editing system. For a major system setup question or potential client they may be willing/able to send out a consultant from their Seattle area HQ for a day trip to Eugene.


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