Hi Birdcat, I’m not using


Hi Birdcat, I’m not using any programs as I’ve bought nothing yet. I want to understand how to do everything before I buy stuff only to say later, damn, if only I had known this then I would have bought that instead. So I want to learn as much as I can first. I hope that doesn’t mean I’m wasting your time by perhaps asking stupid questions that might have obvious answers if only I already had the equipment. Thanks for your response as well as to everyone else. I’m hoping my budget will be between 2k and 3k but that will have to include everything such as a tripod, lighting, etc. I already have a computer.

Compusolver, when you mentioned a digital recorder are you speaking of recording audio seperate from video. If so how would I sync. the words with the lips? Is that why i sometimes see movies that are older have the audio off a little from the video even though I’m sure that when it was first released the two were in sync?

Elderban, Thanks for the advice. I will go now after I post this reply and look at the link you provided.

Thanks everyone,

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