Hi Beth, I am new to this


Hi Beth,
I am new to this forum and have been reading some of your posts. Here’s my advice. Do the wedding for free. You need the practice. If another videograher is there thats even better. You have someone to ask help from.
Just do it. Whatever equipment you have, use it. If this is your first wedding you are bound to make mistakes. That is how you learn. But you will learn. And you will get better each time.

Some of the things I learned the hard way. USE AC power when you can. At my cousins wedding my battery died the minute the wedding march started. I nearly died!!!!! I thought it was fully charged. Luckily I had 2 older cameras (one old full VHS camera set up on tripod at the back of the church and one older VHS-C camera I had given to a young boy (a guest ) to shoot as the attendants came through the door at the back of the church. I RAN down the side aisle and grabbed the camera from this poor boy and RAN back up to the front of the church where I had to handhold the spare camera for the rest of the ceremony and pray I didn’t run out of tape.

I was able to edit the 2 videos together (on the floor of my apartment using a mixer!) and get a decent shoot from it but I did not get the bride walking down the aisle with her dad except a short side shot and the back view.

Another thing: Some churches only let you shoot from the balcony. Not so great.

Also at one wedding reception the photographer would move to where ever I was shooting and get right in my way. I would find another place and he would move over there too. He was in a lot my video. So I zoomed in closer on the couple to get him out of the picture.

My point is, you never can anticipate and plan in advance for everything that will happen. Just jump in and do it.
Good luck girl! Have fun. Same thing for the charity event. Plan as best you can then just go do it. Make a list, check it twice. Then GO!

The worst that can happen? Your video is not perfect and you may not get a reference from them. But you will have learned and you will do better each time and soon you will be a pro. Also…pratice practice practice on your editing skills. This will save your butt in the long run.


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