Hi Athena Gold, Like your


Hi Athena Gold,
Like your website. You have a strong committment to being honest with yourself. Unless my comment here has been OBE (overtaken by events), do you need to aim some of this honesty at your client and advise them that you cannot do the the job to the specs they have in mind without image mutilation (nothing worse than this in a museum lobby — or for your business). Possibly no one could within their budget. Describe for them the wonderful job you could do for them within reason to YOUR SPECS and give them a one minute sample. Sit down with the key people and tell them and show them what is possible and how you can make them very happy within your means (which are impressive based on web site). Engage in a collaborative process, with give and take. Be prepared to tell them what equipment will work best for your result. Also model numbers, sources. They may think they want 16:9; talk them out of it, if the choice is between 16:9 and better quality images. ETC. If they are unreasonable, politely take a walk and start looking for your next client. (Make sure to leave your # because they may change their mind.) Do not compromise your basic standards of quality. Everyone who walks into that lobby will know your name.
(Aside. In my former career, I frequently recruited from the musuem community on national level, for my Agency. Museum staff from management on down are really underpaid even compared to librarians (another recruiting source). Sometimes when a staff is underpaid, they need outside help (yours) to make good decisions…)
Best of luck!

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