Hi Anton – Long answers a


Hi Anton –

Long answers are very good as they contain much needed detail.

On my SR11 I do not have MXF files (there are CPI files which I believe contain the clip information) and the raw MTS files (or MPG if recording in SD).

What I was speaking of concerning the missing audio is a glitch (the only one I’ve run across) in the design of these cameras (SR11/SR12) that Robert pointed out – When recording longer segments, the camera breaks the video into maximum 2GB files and has a very small gap in the audio between each.

I am unaware of any files on the camera which contain this missing audio and, as in Robert’s case, I was curious where the MTSMERGER program acquired this missing data from.

As for the MXF files, I was under the impression that Panasonic’s flavor differs from others – I know there are NLE’s that cannot read them natively (look here for a solution to that problem: http://library.creativecow.net/articles/hurwicz_michael/vegas8_raylight.php),

Concerning the color tweaking – I have not noticed significant differences in my NLE (Sony Vegas Pro 8) in color correcting between the HD M2T files (output from UpShift’s MTS conversion) and my old captured SD AVI files. (But that could just be these old eyes…).

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