Hi all, im new here and in


Hi all, im new here and in dire need of some sound input before i make this purchase of a new notebook. I know alll about Macs and the wonders and how it is the best for video editing, but i just purchased adobe production suite the newest version. I want a good pc with strong ability to handle the applications associated with adobe production ive decided on the
dell inspiron E1705 BUT HAVENT purchased it just yet. I would love to know if you all think this specs out and is sound purchase for editing.

intel core duo processor(1.73ghz/533mhz/2 x 1mb l2 cache)
120gb hd
2 gb ram
dvd rw/r
and some other mentionables but those are the main things….anyone have one or would recommend anything other than this…my budget is NO MORE than 1600 right now.thanks for the HELP!!

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