Hi all. I realise this is an


Hi all. I realise this is an older conversation but hoping for help as well. Like the original poster, I supply longform work to clients on DVD eg dance concerts, drama concerts and the like. I agree DVD looks rubbish considering I shoot in HD on good cameras and edit on professional programs. This is where I am stuck. The USB option sounds great but a lot of TVs that have USB are very fussy about what they will recognise and play. I understand the limitations of all of the formats. It seems my Sony TV, the Sony DVD with USB port will not recognise any format other than Fat32. This format is useless as all my files even when compressed down to Mp4 are 10-15Gb. Both NTFS and exFat aren’t recognised on the TV, so what is the point? The digital download idea has merit, but when you make a couple of bucks per disc sold and you’re only selling 100, then that’s precious money lost again to either service how that works or paying someone to look after it. I’m finding it all really frustrating as it makes my work look amateur now that people are looking at 4K in stores etc.

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