Hi All.? Great advice all


Hi All.? Great advice all the way around.? Thanks a lot.

Comp, after you gave props to DSE elsewhere, I decided to check out his stuff.??I ordered this video on lighting from VASST (done by Victor Milt), and am completely blown away.


Victor Milt talks about there really being ‘no rules’ for lighting; but that you just have to figure out what you want, and what works.? He also says to light each shot differently, and to change everything up all the time, in order to keep things interesting for the viewer.? I am about halfway through the video, and I?cannot believe how much it has opened my eyes.

I hope to finish watching the rest of the video tonight, but I already think I am going to?pick up some other backgrounds, besides the green screen.? I also need to pick up some reflectors, and reflector stands.? Victor Milt also shows how to make an ultra-low-cost fluorescent lighting kit which he calls a ‘nano box’, which you can make for?less than a hundred dollars.? He lit the whole thing with it, and?I am just stunned at how good the lighting looks.? (Some of his green screen keys are not clean, but that is a different matter.)??I would never have figured this stuff out on my own.? It is like he packs his forty years of experience onto one DVD.

Crafters and?Comp, I have scraggly hair.? Actually, my hair is OK; it is my beard that is scraggly.? It would take massive amounts of ‘slick-em’ to make it lay down flat, and stay down; and it would not be me.? ?I am thinking that perhaps instead of focusing just on a green screen,?I might also want to?use some colored or dappled backdrops?? Also, after watching the video, the thought occurs to me that maybe I should also consider?moving outside the bounds of ‘the studio’ (my bedroom), and consider filming in?other parts of the house?? I dunno: we will have to see about that.

I am pretty much re-thinking everything.? I am definitely going to use less wattage on the screen.? I think I will try just for 300W bulbs.? We will see how many candles that gives me?when the light meter gets here.? The eefx fabric is without wrinkles, and it is supposed to reflect ‘relatively’ little, and I re-arranged the bedroom yesterday,?to put seven feet in between me and the green screen; but seven feet is still not a whole lot.? I was also planning on wearing clean white shirts, and now I think I might consider some other color, since seven feet is not a lot of room, and white might pick up the green.? How does one deal with that?? Will it help to?wear a darker-colored shirt during green screen shooting?? Or does white do fairly well?? Also, someone said a magenta gel on the backlight cancels or kills green screen ‘overspray.’? Does that sound right?? But how will a magenta light look as a backlight, or a rim light?? And how would that look on a clean white shirt?

I am glad I bought that video.? Also, since I am a ‘one man show’, is there any way to hook up an external reference monitor to a Sony HDR-FX1 (prosumer version of the HVR-Z1U), so I can see what the lighting looks like?? I would just?flip the on-screen monitor around, but it is small, and the teleprompter gets in the way.? Is there some way to hook up an external?Dell 19″ monitor, or?a laptop?

Here are some of the specs from the Sony site:

<h3>Inputs and Outputs</h3>

I will try to remember the cornstarch!

Thank you for your help.


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