Hi Again, This is a curre


Hi Again,

This is a current model avail from bhphotovideo.com for $290. On the Panasonic website, price given is $350. All about it:
The Panasonic CT-2088YB is a 20″ color monitor designed for industrial or educational video display. Its professional features include industrial input connectors, high-resolution 450 horizontal lines and professional grounded AC cord.
Key Features: The CT-2088YB is made for professional environments where reliable performance is most critical. This model comes with 3 sets of composite video inputs in the form of BNC connectors, one BNC output connector, one S-video input, and 3 mono-audio inputs in the form of RCA jacks. The monitor also has a panel control lock, a closed captioning decoder and enhanced audio functions.

The unit that I have with me now “on location” is the 14″ Panasonic CT-1386YD, manufactured in Feb 99. Has been manhandled in general and shipped around the country from Portland OR to Anchorage to Seattle to DC. Produces the sharpest picture and most realistic color of any TV or monitor I have in the collection at this time. I have two more of these at another location. Even though not the latest technology, this model is one to consider if you can find a deal on the used market. Appears that the specs are very close (if not the same) between my unit and the current model above, except for screen size. (it was a solid product and they didn’t mess with it…)

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