Hi again, PL – unfortunately,


Hi again, PL – unfortunately, there is a bit of a price gap between top of the line, small sensor camcorders such as the $2000 (with lens) Canon XA20 and cinematic Super 35mm camcorders such as the $4825 (body only) Sony FS100 and the $4949 (body only) Canon C100 (and the C100 doesn't have 1080/60p).

These cameras would cost you twice as much as the XA20 – and the C100 doesn't even record to 1080/60p.

A more reasonably priced option might be the $3619 micro 4/3 sensor Panasonic AG-AF100 or the less expensive AF105, the Japan home market model.  The AF105 is only $2799, has a much larger sensor than the XA20, records at 1080/60p, and will mount your Nikon lenses with a $13 adapter – or, alternatively, with a $429 Metabones Nikon G to micro 4/3 Speed Booster, which will widen your Nikon lenses by 0.71x and speed them up by one stop.

Here is what the AF100 can do with Nikon lenses:


With Canon lenses:


Again, hope this is helpful!


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