Hi Adam,

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Hi Adam,


I wasn't sure the "big camera" idea would pay off, but when shooting a TV commercial for our local fairgrounds, I had my Pani equiped with a 16" shotgun mic, a wireless receiver [antennas are always the sign of a pro camera πŸ™‚ ] and a 160 LED light – I was able to approach "staff only" gates and literally walk right through. Some of the footage shot (but not used) for the ad was done so in highly restricted areas. However, some of that footage was used in two other pieces we did for the fair. All three pieces won awards.  Big Camera Concept pays off πŸ™‚ … 


If you're interested – check out the 30 second ad spot here:






EDIT: a little side note / fun fact – the shot of the basketball going through the hoop in the ad took nearly 15 minutes to capture. The camera was on a tripod, aimed at the basket and left recording. Myself, my assistant, the actors and the guys running the game stood in front of the booth shooting over and over and over and no one could sink the shot. The bastket itself is so small – no one can win at this game. Finally, a guy working the game got up behind the backboard and dropped the ball down into the basket – even that took several drops before we landed the shot. All of that for a shot that lasts half a second πŸ™‚

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