I am not an expert.  The only way I can help is based on my experiences and what experts have told me.


You say you are looking at the Vaio.  If that means you have not bought it, then I don't think you should.


If you already have it, then you can download an editing software for the trial period and find out what you can do with it.


But broadcast quality video takes up a lot of MB and GB's.  You could edit video with that computer but I can't imagine you could edit broadcast quality video.


Also you would have to use a simpler video editor.  As I think I mentioned.  I tried Premiere Pro CS6 and it was very slow on my laptop.  I went back to the CS 5.5 version and if I keeep it simple it works very well.


As you know, Laptops with the same specs as desktops are more expensive. The same amount of money spent on a desktop will get you more.  The person above seems to have an excellent system.  I don't know how much it is.


But I just checked on my processor and it is i7 Quad core and when I keep it simple it works great.  When I add too many effects in post, it slows down.  I love my computer but would love to afford a desktop to make post production easier. 


Although I think I will try exporting to my exterior 3.0 USB hard drive to see if that speeds up that process.   


After all that.  I will emphasize what I said at the top.  If you have not purchased the Vaio then either check out what kind of desktop you can get for the same money.  If you know how to put together the parts of a computer. I taught myself.  It's pretty easy. Buy the shell and the motherboard and CPU and whatever there are instructions. Plud the internet has plenty of places that show you how to do things.


Plus do some more research,  what format is the footage you will be editing?  How many MB's does it take for 1 minute.  The higher the number the less chance you can edit with that Vaio.


You can most likely edit SD video with older editing software.


Professional editing seems out of reach of the Vaio.


Those are my thoughts, if you have any other questions, send them off.

Good Luck



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