I have made multiple titles before without doing duplicates. I just went into my Premiere Pro CC to make sure I could do it again.
Whether the titles have a colour background or something from the video, it doesn’t matter.

Since you have already made one that works and you put it on the timeline. To do the next title. drag that blue line thing on the time line till it passes the first title and it will go to black.Then click on title pick still and create your title. close it. Take it from the project list of clips and so one then drag whatever you named the second title to the time line and place it after the first title. you can then expand or contract it from there. I assume you have seen the red indicators with arrows that appear when you are at the beginning or end of a clip.

if you click on create a title and place it over the other title in the timeline then they will combine..

This works fine with me.
All the best

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