Thanks or your reply.


Yes, I am sure the PP is much faster, as it is a professional program, but a bit expensive for just a strong hobby.


At the moment I have only the win7 op system and pinnacle 17.6 on an SSD just for video editing and the raw video on a 3TB sata3 WD Caviar  HDD and create the video to a 2TB Seagate Barracuda green sata3 HDD. Ido not have any anti virus program or anything else and do not even have to be connected to the internet.


Just wonder if I should render to a 4th HDD, as at the moment it renders to the same HDD where I have the raw video.


Woud it be faster if I use SSDs for all drives? I thought that the SATA3 6Gb/s would be fast enough.


Or has it to do with that I import only the links of the video clips to the program and not the actual video? I then load the video clips to the time line.


I am just trying to learn if by getting the new i7-5960X when it comes out would improve the over all speed greately, or any of the CPUs with higher CPU scores. The i75960X also have quick sync which I understan is used for encoding.



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