Having long cuts from running cameras is okay.


Enjoying the show is not…


Okay, let me explain.  You need those close-ups.  You need those angles.  You need to move that Go Pro  and  Canon to different shots.  Just intercutting a 4 camera shoot with 4 locked off cameras will make for a boring video.  Why?  Because of the genre.  Your viewers expect the video to follow the mood of the music.  Music is emotional and creative and viewers want to see interesting creative video with it. Music video shoots tend to have lots of handeld shooting and be very creative.


I took a master class on shooting music video.  Some of the camera work is mine and the edit is mine.  Immagine this done with 4 locked off cameras.  It would be a very different creature.




Recording a music video is different than recording a band live. I bring up music video to make my point about creativity.  Do the music justice.


Good luck -> and maybe it is okay to enjoy yourself!



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