Hi, 1cmanny1 I have a Sony


Hi, 1cmanny1

I have a Sony HDR-HC7 (The HC9 is just the new version of the HC7) And i love the thing, video quality in daylight is stunning. And its actualy not too bad in low light either for a consumer/prosumer camcorder (I just use the preset “twilight” and it suprisingly works really well. It also has a mic jack to hook up external mics aswell, I just bought a Rode videomic and it works great with the HC7. I’v also heard the HV30 is a great camcorder compareable to the Sonybut at a cheaper price (I chose the HC7 for the 240fps mode it has)If I were to recommend a camcorder to someoneit would be one of those two.

Heres alink to alittle video I made,So you can see some video from the camcorder.Its was made from a bunch of the footage i captured from 06 to 07with my HC7. http://youtube.com/watch?v=N-SnEPpCbMc

Make sure to click the “watch inhigh quality” tab below the video, Keep in mind though that its still youtube so the quality is not even NEAR the actualy video quality.

Hope this helps, Good luck.


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