Hey, I’m already doing Fin


I’m already doing Finding Nemo II, how about you start on Nemo III

Hey if you have the money for the bigger program go for it. BUT BUT BUT what do you want to create? Why spend 1000,s of dollars on program(s) if you are going to do just basic stuff?

I have heard nothing but bad reports on Studio 10 too. My 9 Plus with 9.4.3 upgrade is very stable – lucky me by the sounds of it.

Agreed, if you are doing animation and thinking you may go into making money with your creativity then go for the high end programs. Take your tiime, learn the program keep it fun.

Great to get every ones input – this has helped me along the way too.
I have a friend – yes I do – surprise, surprise. Tony O’Connor- he is a well know musician here in Oz. Tony does relaxation music etc. http://www.tonyoconnor.com.au anyway he is producing DVD as well and won’t use anything, but the Mac system – ribs me over XP PC system.

Hmmmm Thinking about it.

Maybe I will create “Finding the little mermaid in the lost city of Atlantis with I Robot as my guide”

Dream on………

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