Hey zeta1983! I discovered


Hey zeta1983!

I discovered from one year at my community college that you can teach yourself anything a class can teach you…for less money.One bigthing college helped me with was a network of friends/contacts.

I know lynda.com has video training for every major software there is(Avid and Final Cut to Adobe stuff and Microsoft Office to Windows Movie Maker and iMovie). Go and look around.

Go Make A Movie! It doesn’t matter if it is edited on Windows Movie Maker(my first and second movies were)and shot with an Aiptek media recorder(hard drive camera)from Circuit City(mysecond-fourth movies were).Get out and do something. You’ll learn stuff to prepare you forwhen you have better equipment/more money/more time.

I find encouragement from Robert Rodriguez, who’s book ‘Rebel Without A Crew’ tells about how he made ‘El Mariachi’ when he was broke and suddenly, Hollywood bought it!

Good Luck!!

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