Hey XTR-91, many thanks fo


Hey XTR-91, many thanks for your response.

Ishould have been a bit more specific with my query – I was using Media Player as one example, as it doesn’t matter what I use to play the video; it always appears “squashed”. If I simply take the squashed video, and use something like WindowsDVD Maker to burn it to a DVD, it shows as squashedon a TV when played in a normal DVD player.

What I am wanting to do is to edit the video down from 6 hours to something like an hour, insert a couple of photos here and there and add captionsto create a highlights movie of our trip. If I try and edit the original squashed 704*576 video, and then expand it to widescreen 1024*576 as part of the creation and authoring stage, any inserted photos and captions are stretched horizontallyas well. So, I have used a utility called Super C to unsquashthe 704*574 videos to 1024*576 format which puts them into the correct widescreen format. This all works OK, except for one long video clip, which Super C does reformat, but creates a corrupted file that is unreadable by any software that I have tried to use with it (including Media Player and Windows Movie Maker).

As I previously stated, I am tearing my hair out trying to resolve this, and have wasted many hours in front of the computer with no luck. There are lots of video reformatting utilities, but all the ones I have tried either create video files that are poor in quality, have so many features and not enough documentation that they are too hard to use, or in some cases create HUGE files that are unmanageable.

If I don’t find a solution soon, I will have no more hair left !!

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