Hey VscribeGlad to hear


Hey Vscribe

Glad to hear you’ll be out here in August. I’ll mark my calendar for the WEVA event and stop by and introduce myself.

Depending on your budget and/or what you’re into, restaurants: The "Top of The World" has, surprisingly, become a world-renowned steak house at the top of the Stratosphere. Its great food and a great view, but also, ala carte on everything so a bit pricey.

Clubs: Light at Belagio and ‘Pure’ are hot right now, emphasis on ‘right now’

Bars: Local scene – head down to Maryland Parkway next to UNLV. Best pubs down there: Crown and Anchor (British Style), PT’s Pubs (total locals fave), and it used to be called "Moose McGuillicuddy’s" but I think its called something else now. Right across from UNLV

Free Shows: Treasure Island outdoor ship extravaganza (kind of racy); Belagio Fountains (bring your camera); Venetian Opera singers in the ‘town square’ my personal favorite

Expensive shows: Celine (I could vom); Blue Man Group (they’re everywhere now); and the ‘O’ Show

Thats a quick rundown…see you in August!

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