Hey VideoDude91, Welcome t


Hey VideoDude91,
Welcome to the world of video editing.So great to hear of the younger generation getting into this highly adictive hobby. GO FOR IT
I started out on the old video 8 analogue format about 5 years ago. Moved up to the the Digital format in 2004 using a JVC GR-DX77 and have moved up to the Panasonic NV GS4000 (three of them actually). As you can see I am in the upper low end of the scheme of things compared to these other guys, but you will notice something happening – it is becoming addictive and the equipment is getting better the longer I am into it.
I use Pinnacle Studio 9 plus for editing. I am comfortable with it and I don’t have the need for all the fancy bells and whistles add ons or intergrations that Adobe and the other high end programs have to offer.
Studio 10 has some issues which I am sure will be rectified. Studio is Pinnacles entry level program. It is easy to use – you wont get discouraged – it only feeds the need to do more. Then when you have mastered the program, learnt how to use the camera, the bug will bite and you will want more.
One word of advice. Study what film makers do and how the film is edited and practice using your camera. Master the zoom, know where every button is and what is does. When you are all practised out – practice some more.
I video tape youth orchestra’s and big bands that my son performs in. Most concerts are done on stage and the camera is off stage in low to no light areas. I actually practice using my camera in pitch black, switching between different modes etc. Don’t forget, you wont make a professional video straight away. Hollywood uses cameramen, audio technicians, lighting technicians, sound effect technicians, editing technicians, etc, etc that have been specfically trained in their own field. You are expected to do it all – and man what a great sence of satisfaction you get when you have finally produced your final product.


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