Hey Travis, I’m going to come


Hey Travis, 
I'm going to come in more on the tool-set side of things. Since you're probably working like mad to get up to speed as the new Audio/Video Director (congrats!), I think you'd really benefit from CTRL+Console -it turns the iPad into an intuitive touchscreen control surface for Premiere and FCP. The interface is designed to make Premiere easier to work with. Plus, it comes with Gesture controls which are not only cool, they also allow you to work more seamlessly and keep your eyes on your footage.  

Full disclosure, I am on of the founders of this company – So yes, I'm definitely a huge fan of what we've created!! BUT we also have thousands of users and 4 stars on iTunes and at $30 it's extremely affordable for the value you get.  🙂

Check CTRL+Console out here: http://ctrlconsole.com

Last, as to style: There were some sequences that would benefit from steading your shots so they don't bounce or integrating smooth motion with dolly (you can make your own). VideoMaker has a great post on "smooth move video": http://www.videomaker.com/article/1409-camera-work-smooth-moves


Rock on!

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