Hey Trae, I’m cool with pe


Hey Trae,

I’m cool with people having different opinions, and different needs. It’s not a problem with me.

I just sold and shipped both my HDV cameras. I still have a really nice Canon GL2 with an XLR adapter and a DM-50 shotgun microphone, along with a hard case and about 35 tapes, if anyone is interested.It is a great deal, and I plan to list it on Ebay today.

I am looking to purchase the Canon HF S10 today.It works off of SDHC cards, if one wants AVCHD. However, what I want is not AVCHD, but uncompressed live capture. I am not worried about start/stop issues at all. I can start and stop; that does not bother me. What bothers me is then I havea two hour interview with someone, and I need things broadcast quality, and it shuts down after about 12 minutes. That would mess me up bigtime.


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