Hey Tim, Welcome to the fo


Hey Tim,

Welcome to the forums. Now as to your question, it’s not your camera that will make ‘an amazing wedding video’. That will come from you. If you’ve never shot video seriously before, one month is not going to be enough time to get yourself up to speed.

You’ve got some gear and with some skill and artistic ability, you could pull off a very good piece of work. If you’re starting from scratch, I’d hold off on shooting your friends wedding. Even for experienced shooters, weddings are a dicey business. You are not only recording someone’s cherished memory, you are charged with making memorable in that they’d want to watch it over and over.

That means, no poorly lit shots, no shaky camera, no missed events (like the bride entering, exchanging of rings or God forbid ‘The Kiss’), no bad sound and no choppy music that cuts in and out because you didn’t lay down a music track.

If you’re still wanting to go ahead (which I don’t recommend at this early date), puh-leeeeeze watch the multitude of free ‘how to shoot’ videos on the VM site. Pay particular attention to making ‘sequences’ so you can at least cut the thing properly. BTW, you do have a computer and non-linear editing software which you are familiar with don’t you? That or know someone who is experienced with editing? If you have none of the above, stop.

This stuff is much harder than it looks, though it is far from impossible. Shooting video for money takes time to learn and develop skills in addition to gaining an artistic eye. You will not do that in a month. What you can do in a month is after watching those videos I recommended, start shooting. Start small (not for money) with projects where you learn how to create shots for a sequence. Then learn about sequence components like; WS, MS, N, CU and then screen direction. There’s lots more but those are the building blocks.

In a month, you can familiarize yourself with those terms and how they relate to what will be seen onscreen. One thing for sure, you’ll find out quick whether you really want to learn this stuff or not pdq! If so, start out shooting as a hobby and work your way up. Just like you wouldn’t want to jump in the ring with Mike Tyson without any boxing experience, don’t try to jump into professional videography the same way. You’ll get just as beat down and may well lose your friend because you botched his/her wedding video because you got in over your head. Food for thought.

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