Hey there, I’m really enjo


Hey there,

I’m really enjoying the topics on this forum, and I’m glad to have found it!

I have to say, that I don’t know where I would be right now without web video! Currently, I’ve found myself sort of in the position of the “scum sucking bottom feeder” as described in the blog article posted by EarlC. Since I’ve just graduated from Film School last year, I’ve been struggling to make a living and meanwhile develop my skills as a film/video professional, and I’ve found small videos such as web videos to be, in a sense, my savior! Not to say that it’s right to assume that web videos should require a lower production quality. From my experience so far, though, clients that seek business with me expect their videos to be simple productions, and are seeking a person who can do it on a shoe-string budget. Here’s my site, if interested: http://www.shoeboxstory.com

Many of the videos I produce are done directly between the client and I on a personal basis. However I am also involved in some of these other businesses who are capitalizing off of people who are in my same situation. The first is Howcast.com, with their Emerging Filmmaker program. Another is Demandstudios.com. They pay EXTREMELY cheap prices for videos that offer 0 creative freedom… but then again, it’s just a little more extra cash at the end of the month that makes my rent.

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