Hey there. I have an XH-A1


Hey there.

I have an XH-A1. If that’s what camera you meant? Anyways, I also purchased a Letus Extreme DOF adapter. Just like the Redrock M2 it allows you to use 35mm film lenses from your still camera. I am very happy with the Letus and I will post some work soon. I’m sure you will find any of the popular DOF adapters to yield good results. With me, it was between the Letus and the SGpro which gives some very nice footageas-well. When using 35mm DOF adapters its best to use prime lenses instead of zoomlenses. Also you want to find ‘fast’ 35mm lenses: ones with a low f-number.

If you can’t afford an adapter right now, there is a few tricks you can use to achieve some shallow DOF.

First off, by moving back the camcorder from the subject and zooming in you will definitely get some shallow DOF.

I’m pretty sure it was in the last edition of the magazine, but by using an ND filter when in bright environments enables you to keep your iris open (lower f-number)which will help get low DOF.

Lastly, make sure you are on manual focus, it’s the only way you can really control the DOF.

Hope that helps you out. I may be forgetting something but I am sure someone will cover me LOL.

Take care,


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