Hey there,


Hey there,

This is Micah at Zoom, and I’d be happy to share a few products that we have to offer…hopefully in not a too shill-y kind of way.

The H2n Handy Recorder (https://zoom-na.com/H2n) is equipped with both X/Y and Mid-Side microphones. Not only does it have two different stereo modes to choose from, you can run all mics to record 4-channel surround sound. And with the latest firmware upgrade, you can export Spatial Audio files (with Left/Right/Front/Back…no top/bottom) that can be natively imported into Google’s JUMP VR platform. This handheld recorder can capture surround sound for VR/360 and it goes for $159.99…a good way to get started, less expensive than the Twirling recorder, and with great Zoom sound.

If you have your own mics, you can use the Zoom H6 (https://zoom-na.com/H6, $349.99) to record up to 6 inputs.

If you require professional-filmmaking types of features, super-low-noise mic preamps, and Time Code, you could use the Zoom F4 (https://zoom-na.com/F4, $649.99) with 6 inputs, 8 tracks or the Zoom F8 (https://zoom-na.com/F8, $999.99) with 8 inputs, 10 tracks.

Any questions, hit me here or contact info@zoom-na.com. Happy hunting!

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