Hey, so I was wondering wh


Hey, so I was wondering what people thought of this:
There was a vx2000 listed on ebay that was essentially brand new, I had the ability to check it out to make sure it worked. Seller said it was used 4-6 hours max, and that it never had any problems with lens/dropped/precipitated on, etc. It came with an extra small battery, and an extra large (9hr) battery. I talked to my dad about it, and we agreed that 1400 max (including shipping) would be our price to try and bid on it.
But it ended up going for almost 1600! Am I pricing myself too low do you think, or was this a bit higher than you would expect this camera to go for?
Right now I’m looking either for a vx2000 on ebay (carefully, so as I don’t get scammed), or looking to maybe pay a bit more than we want and get a Panny ag-dvc30 on B&H.
My dad has stated that he doesn’t want to pay more than 1000-1200 for a camera, even though it is MY money, but I don’t think he really understands these cameras are expensive!

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