Hey Sargent, First off, Ve


Hey Sargent,

First off, Vegas has a good link-up with your second screen as monitor so if you’re sweating it up front that’s your first option. Having a secondary external monitor is a good thing particularly if you’re making deliverables for broadcast viewing or on DVD/Blu-Ray. As for what to get, the question you should ask yourself is; what am I planning on doing?

That meaning, if you’re doing this as a hobby you can easily get by with just using your second monitor and Vegas’ built-in setup. If this is for a semi-or pro setup, then an external is required. The main thing to keep in mind is your budget and the fact that your gear purchases need to pay for themselves. On the front-end, an LCD TV is a good and inexpensive option. You can get one in various sizes and resolutions. The drawbacks are they are tough to calibrate to broadcast standards and have limited controls to do so.

The other option is to get a professional monitor. If you’re working in SD only, Pro CRT Monitor prices are falling and they are still a viable option. Plus they have the advantage of having more capacity to be calibrated to broadcast standards. On the other end, there are professional LCD Monitors. Though prices are coming down for some models, they still can be pricey. However, unlike the SD CRT’s the LCD’s can be used for SD or HD video monitoring and they have a number of controls to get your imagery within standards. However, if you’re not creating deliverables headed to broadcast save your money.

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