Hey Rob and guys, Great fe


Hey Rob and guys,

Great feed back so far thank you!

I believe they want to shoot this video clips inside an office with a “nice view out side”. So the lighting will be those office fluorescent light bulbs. I think I should be concerned about the outside ambient lighting?

The way I see them envisioning this project is something like those reports on MSNBC or Bloomberg TV. They will have a guy sitting down describing today’s market activities. A guy in a suit camera focused in from the chest up. So it sounds like a wired mic might work. Since the guy is going to be stationary. I think I need to go to management and let them know this is not something that can be done over night. Last thing they want is to look bad and to make the rest of the company look amateurish.

I will also check B&H Photo and see what I how much all of these items might add up too.

Thanks again everyone,


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