Hey RAM, I just started e


Hey RAM,

I just started editing a wedding like that. The stage had nice bright incandescent bulbs, which I set my White balance to. The main portion of the chapel however was lit by fluorescent bulbs along with natural lighting, and if that wasn’t bad enough, the back of the room was lit with some very yellow incandescent bulbs. I watched through my viewfinder as the bride’s dress turned from yellow (at the back) to a bluish green (in the main part of the chapel) to finally white when she got on stage. Now that’s a dress of a different color!

On topic, the interior light setting on the GL-2 does a fair enough job for most interior lighting, but I’ve noticed that on staged performances, sometimes it’s not perfect. Of course, on the flip side, if you set both cameras to this setting, both will be imperfect in the same manner, which in theory means that it’s easy to adjust all your footage.

If white balance really matters to me, I bring along a white 18"x36" foam core poster board panel that I’ll set up. If you do that, just keep the board away from glare, and don’t turn off your cameras once the WB is set, but your color will be a little truer than if you just go with the preset.

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