Hey Mode, I am a beginner


Hey Mode, I am a beginner too and I thought I would chime in and help you learn from some of my mistakes.

The first few things I learned (the hard way) when I bought my first consumer grade digital camera is….

1. Make sure it has a mic input. A lot of the lower cost cameras don’t have this, especially if you are looking in that under $1000 range. A wireless mic will do you no good if you don’t have something to plug it in to.

2. Don’t get caught up on Digital Zoom specs. Digital Zoom sucks. Turn it off. Get a camera that has good optical zoom specs.

3. Don’t get caught up in silly effects. Don’t pay extra for special fading or other effects. You can do all of the effects that you need in your editing software later. Spend your money to get good inputs and outputs, optical zoom performance etc.

4. One big thing I learned is that you can make the video shot on a cheaper camera look a LOT better with the right lighting and angles.

Go to this website…. It is great for the beginner with a lot of different short videos on techniques etc….



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