Hey, Mark: This is a really


Hey, Mark: This is a really nice bit of editing. Nicely paced, great storytelling and selection of shots.

Have you looked at this in conjunction with a waveform monitor? Much of the piece has a “foggy” look, suggesting to me that the levels are slightly off — the blacks aren’t quite black, the whites a little off too. I think the piece can use a little color correction as well. Flesh tones in several places are quite ruddy.

The shot at 2:59 (crowd scene, blond with hair highlight a center, rose colored dress to her right) appears to be very soft. In the frame just before this — 2:57 or 58 — there appears to be an extra frame, or something odd in the cut. It’s hard to spot on YouTube but it gives the impression of a blur of motion.

I find color grading to be of great importance in my own work. It helps pull together all the shots and creates the glue that holds the entire edit together. This is especially true when working with multi-camera materials shot during the course of a day under different lighting conditions.

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