Hey man, Honestly for wha


Hey man,

Honestly for what you are doing, you may be going overboard.. the only reason I know is because that exactly what I’d do πŸ™‚

I don’t have great speakers on this computer and I’m not in my recording studio (geared for Audio, though I do my video work there as well), but what I’m hearing in your file can easily be fixed.

1) I can’t recommend the Rode NT1A microphone enough, it’s got the lowest self noise in it’s price point and is very affordable. That will remove any of the ‘distortion’ caused by the mic itself. Great for pro level VO work at an affordable rate.

2) How are you getting the audio into the computer? Do you have a good internal soundcard, or are you using an external. Whatever you use to ‘power’ the mic will make a huge difference. You can get an affordable preamp for about $200 to do what you are looking for. Let us know your budget and we can suggest some. Using a decent pre will probably remove another huge amount of that ‘distortion’.

3) Adobe Audition has some great noise reduction plugins, but if not
them, I bet there’s a ton of free ones out there.

4) Sounds like you’re moved on building your booth, that’s great, not sure it’s needed in your application, could have probably done what you need with 3 mic stands and a few audimute blankets, but still cool you’ll have it. For any windows, you can use whatever you want, but it’s best to have them angled a bit if you can so soundwaves don’t bounce straight back to the mic, though, there are ways around this if you’ve done that already.

5) Mic position is a huge component, and you may be versed in this, but you’ll want to play with that. I’ve found that by having a good quiet condenser mic and booth, you can push the mic a tad further away that you would normally (but not too much so you get the room sound) and then roll off the lows below, say 150 hz, mostly mud down there anyway. From there some light compression, maybe some eq in the mids and you’re there!

Hope that’s helpful in some way.. would love to see photos! Here’s a link to when I built my recording studio in my basement! Good luck!

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