Hey luishugo, Stay away f


Hey luishugo,

Stay away from "Dino Electronics". I smell a big’ol rat from their website. Their site and business both look questionable.

First, their website is using a free redirection service. 4-all.org is a company that gives out free subdomains, and allows users to hide behind a different domain.

In this case, the real web URL of "Dino Electronics" is http://www.frogybogy.ca, which is a canadian tld.

That raises a flag, but I’ll get back to that in a second. Right now, let’s look at the whois info for frogyboy.ca. On the wonderful world wide web, every domain name registrant must provide contact information. This information must be kept on public record, and must be made available upon request.

When I typed in the frogyboy.ca domain, the name Came up as being owned by "Ambrow Charles" in La Vergne, TN. This gives me three very good reasons to be alarmed.

First, why would someone living in Tennessee, USA buy a Canadian domain name? Is his business illegal in the US, perhaps? And then why would he mask the domain name? Trying to make it look legitimate?

Then, there’s also the fact that the domain name is only a week old. This site was registered on the 2nd of this month. New sites are almost always scam sites, especially when they only register for one year. Guess how long this site is registerd for.

The prices are super low, and probably because the products are either stolen, or "graymarket goods", which are goods that are intended to be sold outside the US, but turned around and sold inside the country. It’s a highly questionable practice.

Stick with trustworth sites. Dino isn’t one of them.

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