Hey Jay, book will be comp


Hey Jay, book will be completed end of first quarter 2009 with accompanying materials, samples on DVD, and a CD with pdf files of various supporting resources – direct mail letters, agreements, promotionals, forms, etc.

Your holiday lights marketing approach on your blog is TOP DRAWER. Ironically, I was going to write one very similar, but not now – you have covered it dude. When I do something next, probably sort of a year-end recap, I will be including a link to your article in it, if that is OK.

You are, also, absolutely right about developing and producing a marketing DVD. Getting there, promise!

Again, GREAT ARTICLE! I did this three ways one season a few years ago: I covered the local neighborhood, covered a dozen popular “go to” community co-op decoration extravaganzas, and also covered a popular area merchants holiday decorations around and on Main Street in Seal Beach, California.

Hand delivered and mailed comp copies to each of the places featured (my only thought was if it was set up for public display, I didn’t always have to ask permission) in one of the three sets. Had vocal directions on the opening of the DVDs with a general map graphic not to scale. I received requests for future inclusions, orders for copies many of them wanted to use for special holiday greetings, and a few even hired me to feature their display exclusively for their own use/pleasure.

Very lucrative, and gets the word out about the business as well, as your article so aptly notes.

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