Hey… I’m on your side. R


Hey… I’m on your side.

Remember this and you’ll have an easier life. Cops and Sheriffs are cops and sheriffs, because they like to muscle people around and give them a hard time. Don’t even buy into that protect and serve bit, that is the secondary part of their fun.

They like hard-assing people,if you remember this your lifewill be easier. Justbe very respectful to cops and do all in your power to avoidany contact with them. Whatever you do, do nothing to enable a cop to take any action against you.

I have a friend got aDUI and he hadn’t had a drink for over 7 hours. The cop just got a whiff of it and took my friend to jail. My friend cooperated, blew in the machine and everything. No charges were dropped. My friend won the caseafter9 months of worry and over$10,000 in attorney and bond fees. He won his case and he didn’t lose his license or go to jail, but what did he win?It cost the cop nothing, and the cop was paid to show up in court.

I won’t even drink a sip of wine and get into a vehicle as a driver… ever. I’ve never had a DUI. Ithink you should think as I do… Itwiser to learn from other peoples mistakes. We don’t live long enough to get through everything byexperiencing everything ourselves.

I won’t even eat at a breakfast eatery where the cops hangout for breakfast. They are always looking for a suspect and they’re on a hair trigger with us civilians. Think about all the killings by cops. If they feel they’re in danger they can waste you, with their 44 magnum.

How many times have you seen video of the copswasting some dude and there were a half dozen cops standing around with guns. All the crook hadwas aknife.The taser is probably the best thing that ever happened for civilians, and it should save alot of lives. The cops practiceusing their guns all the time, and they want toempty”rounds”into some dissenterstorso.Cops call bullets “rounds”, civilians call bullets… bullets. I’ve often wondered about that, except to say they want do downplay what bullets areor something.

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