Hey! I’m looking for a new


Hey! I’m looking for a new camera. I was wondering if anybody knew of a camera right off with all or most of these requirements:

1) 3CCD or equal.Most jobs I see use this as more of awayto hire a realprofessional than anything else, but just in case…

2) Hard Drive storage(HDD?). Idon’t likeMiniDV/tapes in general.

3) Headphone jack. I don’t see what good a camera is without a headphone jack.

4) Microphone jack/speaker. Same reason as above, but less important.

5) I think manual focus/zoom would be nice.

6) USB possibilities for file transfer would be awesome!

7) As cheap as possible..of course!

The camera does not need a viewfinder. I only have a LCDscreen on mycurrent camera, so I’m not used to it.

Thanks a lot!

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